A Team of Passionate Interior Designers.

We pride ourselves on being quick-off-the-mark. Highly adaptable and dynamic. No job is too great or too small.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

We illuminate the interior and industrial design with zero tolerance for boring and mediocre. Like a pulsar, We strive to be a source of brightness.  A pulsar (Short for pulsating radio star) is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star. That emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation.

Our Story

We create brands and places. Big and small, That people seek out and remember. That define and sustain the communities and businesses we serve, and that respect the earth.

Our Design Process

Our work springs forth at the intersection of community, creativity, and relationships. We can and will go anywhere in the world to meet our clients’ needs in more creative and personalized ways.

Detailed understanding & Preliminary Planning

Site survey & client brief.

Creative Thinking

Pre-concept design presentation

Design Development

Space maximization planning, Architectural drafting/drawing, 3D renders, 3D walk-through videos, Bill of quantities, Technical specification sheets, Mood boards.

Practical Implementation

Construction & Joinery, Bespoke furniture production, Furniture &fixture sourcing, Project Management, Certification/Permit management.

Quality Delivery

We maintain strict quality standards and continue to deliver long after the project is completed.

Work And Clients

All spaces are living. We don’t stop once we have finished the installation. We stand behind our solutions with dedicated and ongoing maintenance and support.