We take your space from concept to completion.

Our work springs forth at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships.

We can and will go anywhere in the world to meet our clients’ needs in more creative and personalized ways.

Five stages to our work life cycle. 

Stage 1

Detailed Understanding & Preliminary Planning

Experience with design is experience with people. 

By gathering in-depth knowledge of scope, budget and vision, we are able to tailor our service to fit any client brief.

We listen and learn about the specific considerations of each new project before offering initial guidance and direction.

Design Step 1

Site Survey & Client Brief

Stage 2

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not about fashion or decoration.

To us, creativity means problem solving; we believe that the beauty of design is in how effective a solution it produces. We don’t blindly follow fashion; we design realistically incorporating readily available materials that work for the climate we are designing for. We find fresh ways to work within the boundaries set by each client we take on to produce results that are as unique as they are functional.

Once a theme and direction has been selected for the design, we prepare a detailed pre-concept design proposal. This is a document that gives a clear indication of what we have in mind along with images of the furniture and lighting we would customize for the project.

Concept development begins with exhaustive research where we study the project location and demographic market so as to identify the cultural context, relationship to its surroundings and other elements that will influence and impact upon the conceptual design.

Design Step 2

Pre-Concept Design presentation

Stage 3

Design Development

If you are at this stage satisfied with the concept presentation, Pulsaris will create an itemized quotation detailing every single piece of furniture and every lighting fixture we intend to use.

Upon confirmation of the Proforma invoice, we enter the design development phase where we refine the concept into a working model.

Design Step 3

Space maximisation planning
Architectural drafting / drawing
3D Renders
3D walk-through videos
Bill of Quantities
Technical Specification Sheets
Mood Boards

Stage 4

Practical Implementation

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

We work with a wide network of suppliers and manufacturers giving us the advantage on price. In addition, we only work with skilled, certified craftsmen who we commission to custom build our designs.

This makes bringing our creative solutions to life an open and collaborative process, because we know exactly what we’re capable of, and understand the practical implications of everything we produce.

Which means we only make promises we can keep.

Design Step 4

Construction & Joinery
Bespoke furniture production
Furniture & fixture sourcing
Project Management
Certification / Permit Management

Stage 5

Quality Delivery

We maintain strict quality standards and continue to deliver long after the project is complete.

All spaces are living spaces, we don’t stop once we’ve finished the installation.

We stand behind our solutions with dedicated and ongoing maintenance and support.